The Members of the IAROR Board and the Scientific Advisory Committee of RailBelgrade 2023 selected as winners of the Young Railway Operations Research Award:

  1. Marta Leonina Tessitore for her paper "On the fragility of a train timetable", with co-authors Giorgio Sartor, Marcella Samà, Carlo Mannino and Dario Pacciarelli
  2. Berenike Masing for her paper "Periodic timetabling with integrated track choice for railway construction sites", with co-authors Niels Lindner and Christian Liebchen
  3. Alex Cunillera for his paper "Coasting advice based on the analytical solutions of the train motion model", with co-authors Harm Jonker, Gerben Scheepmaker, Wilbert Bogers and Rob Goverde

The winners got a certificate and a money prize sponsored by Trenolab.




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Photos by Dušan Vujović and Dušan Jeremić (PhD students)

Photos by Dušan Vujović and Dušan Jeremić (PhD students)